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Waxing- Do it right the first time

There are six basic tools you need to wax your board:
Base Cleaner
Scotch Brite Pad
Cork Block (optional)
You can pick up all the tools you need to wax your board at your local snowboard or ski shop. When you use wax, don't use a candle (I have seen it done). Use Snowboard or Ski Wax. There is a difference.
The first step in waxing your board is removing your old wax. If your wax is thick, use your scraper to remove the bulk of it, then spray base cleaner on and wipe it clean.
The second step is to melt the wax on with the iron (not too thick), then iron the wax evenly over the entire base, and let it cool.
The third step is once the wax is cool, scrap it with a snowboard scraper. Do not use a metal scraper as it will remove all the wax. After you do this, use a Scotch Brite pad and wipe the bottom of your board.
Now, according to some manuals, you are done. But if you take a cork and rub the remaining wax firmly into the base of your board, your wax will last longer. Now you are ready to go. When you talk to most shop techs, they all have their own waxing secrets that they claim work better than others. But the truth is they all work about the same. After a few times of waxing your own board, you will find a way that will work best for you.